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Thai Massage in Islamabad

Thai-MassageAs the name suggests, Thai massage is originally from Thailand, the land of smiles. It is highly influenced by the traditional medicine systems of India, China and Southeast Asia. In Thai language it is called as nuat phaen thai. Let’s see how a Thai massage in Islamabad proceeds.

How a Thai massage goes

You change into loose fitting clothes and lye on floor on a mat with your upside down. Massage therapist applies deep static and rhythmic pressure and asks you to change your position into yoga like positions during the course of the therapy. It does not involve use of oils or lotions and can be done in solo or in a group of a dozen or so clients in a large room. The therapist uses hands to massage and feet to fixate your limbs. In other positions therapist uses feet to massage and hands to fixate. Typically, a Thai massage sessions lasts for two hours or more.

The movements of therapist stimulate acupressure points in your body through rhythmic pressing and stretching of your body. Thai massage involves pulling fingers, toes, and ears, cracking the knuckles, walking on the recipient’s back, and arching the recipient into cobra position. As the massage progresses you are asked to lie on your stomach and side and to sit. Therapists tailor these standard movements according to their clients’ choice.

Thai massage works by blocking and releasing your blood flow. Therapist applies pressure and blocks blood flow in your limbs. You feel a sense of warmth as blood rushes to your limbs as he releases pressure.

Theory behind Thai massage

Thai massage is supported by a theory which says that human body fills itself with air inhaled by lungs. This air travels through countless airways spread throughout the body. Massage therapist manipulates these airways by applying pressure at specific points. Massage also involves some yoga-like stretches which stimulate these airways and move air throughout the body.

Though the massage is originally from Thailand, it has adopted many of the modern techniques and now what we see at most of the places is a mix of conventional and contemporary techniques. A Thai setting is the best place where you can have a n original Thai message from. However, there are many institutions which are preparing people equipping them with the original sense of Thai massage.


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